Training for prepared citizens

Stream firearms and martial art instructional videos that support your in person training.

Gun Disarming Simplified


Learn simple, functional steps that are easy to remember and apply against firearms in any position. Learn the difference between a stick up and active shooter and how to disarm them. This will give you a practical skill set that you can remember under stress.

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Countering The Active Shooter


Learn to recognize the opportunity to run or attack by understanding the mechanics of commonly used firearms. Even if you are already familiar with various firearms actions, this video can help you understand how to jam the actions in ways you never thought of. If, God forbid, you were ever in a situation to have to deal with an active shooter, this material could save your life and the lives of others.


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Practical Fighting Folder


Learn practical, legal use of the world’s most readily available equalizer, the knife. You’ll learn simple, easy to remember techniques that you can apply right away to your everyday carry folding knife. These simple concepts and techniques could save your life if you or a loved one become the target of criminal violence.



Weapons Accessing In A Fight


Learn to reliably access your firearm or less lethal options while on the ground, in the clinch and against a knife at close range. You’ll also learn how to defend against a surprise attack from an empty hand tackle or punch, to a knife attack. You will learn to use the element of surprise to help access your weapon when someone is inside your reactionary gap.

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  • Prepared Citizens

    Trained and prepared citizens are a force for good. The untrained and unprepared are a liability in an emergency. Don’t be a liability when the lives of your family are on the line. Take on the responsibility and walk with the confidence and peace of mind that you have the knowledge and skills you need to protect your loved ones.

  • Law Enforcement

    We all know the training you get from your department will never be enough. You have to train on your own time and your own dime. You owe it to yourself, your family and citizens you serve. Make the commitment and learn the skills and training methods to make sure you come home at the end of every shift.

  • Corporate Training

    Violence in the workplace is a reality we must prepare for and it’s each individuals responsibility to be a part of the solution. It’s the employers duty to make sure every team member has the skills and training to be safe on the job. Use the resources here to support customized in person training designed specifically for you and your team.


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    Paul Clark has been training and teaching in various martial arts since 1995, earning black belts and instructorships along the way. Paul has trained and cornered fighters for amateur mixed martial arts events during his years of training in Virginia. He has fought in over fifty full contact stick and mixed weapons fights and achieved Warrior Member status, as well as an Instructorship from the Full Spectrum Combat Academy.

    Paul is constantly researching and studying to implement better teaching and training methods to improve the delivery of material to students. He has attended training by Ann Bumbak the author of Dynamic Police Training and Officer Down 2012: Lessons Learned and Richard Neil the author of Police Instructor as well as a 40 hour Training for Trainers course through the DOC, among others.