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Quickly learn life saving skills, techniques and knowledge from a subject matter expert with just an internet connection and a training partner from anywhere in the world.

In a few months of dedicated training you will functionalize real world techniques that can save your life or the lives of others in a worst-case scenario.

Warrior Focus was created to advance your knowledge of practical self defense with or without a weapon against an armed attacker or an unarmed criminal assault.

Trained and prepared citizens are a force for good.

~ Paul Clark

Start your Warrior Focus self defense journey and learn a martial art integrated with all aspects of the use of and defense against firearms, knives, impact weapons and empty hands.

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ONE MIND, ANY WEAPON. Train for real world situations.

You are the weapon. Everything else is an extention

If you are training for your job, or to protect your family it is important to always be learning. It’s a journey, not a destination.

Your self defense skills, with and against weapons, are only useful to you in an deadly force encounter if you have trained them.

You need to understand and integrate principles of human performance, legal consideration, principle based fighting formulas and techniques and functional training methods if you want skills that are applicable in a real-world criminal assault.

Learning how to apply your skills in a variety of real world scenarios is the goal of training with Warrior Focus.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How does it work? Answer: Simple. Select the course you want. Make a payment and you get instant online access. You can watch on any device, anywhere at any time!
  2. I’m busy. Do I have time to learn this? Answer: You can train at your own pace with or without a partner. Preferably with. And time will pass anyway. Is learning to defend life a priority? We all have the same 24 hours a day.
  3. Can I learn self defense skills online? Answer: Yes, to a degree. I would highly recommend getting a good training partner with similar goals. At some point you need feedback from a resisting partner and a coach to observe and improve your technique. (You can also film yourself and be your own coach but, real-time feedback is ideal.) With these basics, including hard work on your part, you can go far with online instruction.
  4. Who is this training for? Answer: Anyone interested in defending themselves from a criminal assault with and against weapons. Bad guys don’t fight fair. They will likely have a weapon. You should have an equalizer if at all possible.
  5. I’m scared of guns. Is this training for me? Answer: Yes. You don’t have to carry a gun to learn how to defend against one and the more you learn about the thing you fear, the more the fear will dissipate.

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This video brings training to you saving you time and money for specialty training topics.

Why I teach

Paul Clark, Warrior Tactical Systems LLC Owner and Chief Instructor

I believe trained and prepared citizens are a force for good. It’s everyone’s personal responsibility to protect themselves and most importantly, their loved ones. That’s been my driving force and I love helping others find out it’s not as hard as they think to be able to take on that responsibility with confidence despite our chaotic, modern world.

Learning to defend yourself is simple but it’s not necessarily easy. The nice thing is anyone can do it, even if they have limitations. I love seeing students realize they don’t have to be big and strong or an mixed martial arts champion. And it can be fun if you do it right!

I spent my youth training for full contact fighting and when I got into Corrections years later, I applied the concepts, training methods and techniques I knew worked against fully resisting, trained fighters, and applied them to firearms, defensive tactics and arrest procedures. I was fortunate enough to be selected to help design the Defensive Tactics program used by the West Virginia Division of Corrections for many years. For a full description of my background click here.