Gun Disarming Simplified

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Gun Disarming Course covers the safety, mindset, and mechanics of self-defense against an attacker that is using a gun. 10 easy-to-follow videos guide you through the formula that is principle-based allows this to be adaptable to various size ranges and distances. Makes it easier to retain and be functional. Submissive posture to draw the person in. non-telegraphic redirect that gets the muzzle off your body so you redirect the end of the gun. Glue to the weapon-bearing limb in order to have the most control. Then attack to reset their reaction time and distract them from the gun so you can go to the next step. leverage-based disarm using leverage, not strength to complete the disarm meaning body mechanics rather than brute force. Use a weapon to defend yourself by using their weapon and reset so you can defend against them if they begin to fight back.


The “Warrior Focus” Gun Disarming online course leads you through 10 videos that explore the principles of mindset, safety and mechanics of a gun situation. We review topics for a variety of situations including carjacking, hostage situations, and active shooter scenarios.

Understanding your reaction time, redirect capabilities, and limitations based on distance and space will help you to move in a situation that is life-threatening. Each of the video lessons and bonus videos cover a topic that relates to real world “what-if” situation.

And finally learn how to prepare after you disarm the attacker to defend yourself now that you have control of the gun.

1 review for Gun Disarming Simplified

  1. William d (verified owner)

    This course was easy to follow, very thorough, and guided me through every step of the way.

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