Gun Disarming Simplified

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You will learn simple, functional steps that are easy to remember and apply against any firearm in any position! The steps are the same, from an AK-47 rifle in your face, all the way down to a tiny, short barreled pistol in your back. You’ll learn the difference between a stick up and an active shooter and the best way to disarm each. You will learn the mechanics of common firearms and how to disrupt them. Gun disarming is a must for law enforcement and armed citizens because, there is always one gun at the scene! Your martial art is not complete if your self-defense skills don’t include gun defense!


The “Warrior Focus” Gun Disarming Simplified online course leads you through 10 videos that break down the mindset, training methods and principles to survive against an attacker with a firearm. We review topics for a variety of situations including carjacking, hostage situations, and active shooter scenarios.

Learn a simple formula you’ll remember after you’ve been hit over the head and put on your knees against a wall in an alley with a gun to your head at night in a rain storm. You won’t remember a bunch of complicated techniques but if you train you can apply a simple formula that will drastically increase your chances of survival.

1 review for Gun Disarming Simplified

  1. William d (verified owner)

    This course was easy to follow, very thorough, and guided me through every step of the way.

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